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  • rates
  • Up to 4%
  • per day

Bitcoin terminals have become

one of the symbols of cryptocurrency

The creators and implementers of Mavis Bitcoin terminals in partnership with ZebraPay's terminal network regulator have started a new phase of conquering the market of cryptocurrency. Today Bitcoin is available to the residents of Romania at payment terminals located throughout the entire state.

The partnership of the two companies determines that Mavis becomes a provider for ZebraPay network terminals. This network enables purchasing Bitcoins with a 5% fee calculated based on current exchange rate at

ZebraPay terminals provide a one-way service. Customers can exchange the Romanian currency (Lei) to Bitcoin. The reverse exchange is not available yet.

To buy Bitcoins, you have to follow a few simple steps:

  • Click the «BitCoin Mavis» button on the terminal’s display.
  • Enter address of "Bitcoin" wallet.
  • Insert bills into bill acceptor.
  • Click "Buy".

The requested amount is immediately credited to customer’s Bitcoin wallet.

«Dedicated terminals compose the most important infrastructural part of the "Bitcoin system." We are steadily moving forward and developing our services to provide customers with more features. Our goal is to win the leadership in this industry».

Invest with Mavis -

Get more today!

Rapid development of technology and business related to Bitcoin-terminals has led to a widespread use of digital currency even among those sectors of population, for whom word «cryptocurrency» just yesterday sounded like something from science fiction.

Today, practically everyone can easily control this effective and simple tool of financial savings, payments and investments. Distribution of cryptocurrency reduces the distance between the participants of all markets, between each individual and the whole world. Every day Bitcoin becomes easier to use and it’s turning into a common payment tool for all social segments.

Mavis Company is considering investing about 2 million dollars into production of its own brand of terminals accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for services. New Mavis terminals are designed in accordance with growing user requirements, with implementation of new technologies and they will have a state-of- the-art, extended functionality.

Today we are ready to share the growing income with you in exchange for your investment.

It doesn’t matter where you live, work and what you do for a living - you can manage your finances with a maximum payoff by collaborating with Mavis.

What do you get from registering on Mavis website?

  • DAILY secure income
  • High-interest rates (from 2.2% to 4% per day)
  • The minimum amount of initial investment - $20
  • Deposit term - 100 days
  • Immediate withdrawal of interests at any time
  • NO risks and NO losses

This means that you can invest $20 with daily interest accrual and withdraw it whenever you want.

Each investment product brings you income in 100 days.

  • Bronze Partner 2.2% per day from $20

    to $499

  • Silver Partner 2.5% per day from $500

    to $2999

  • Golden Partner 3% per day from $3000

    to $4999

  • Platinum Partner 3.5% per day from $5000

    to $9999

  • Diamond Partner 4% per day from $10000

    to $100000

Invest in your future right now! Sign up on Mavis website and get instant income from a reliable business!

Earn in the most reliable way in partnership with Mavis program!

The «Mavis World» investment partnership program reflects all the attractive features of classic models that bring 11% of referral's deposit amount to the partner.

«Mavis World» partnership is a convenient and profitable system of investor ranking, which helps increase the effectiveness of cooperation, and encourages interest and motivation of new participants.

Your rank in the system goes up along with increasing amounts of deposit referrals. With rank improvement the percentage of your income also increases.

Investment amount,


Your income
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Open your personal account on Mavis and start earning risk-free right away!

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We value our reputation and your good attitude. The knowledge and experience enable us to provide the highest level of service and close, friendly relationship with you.

Contact us! You will find understanding and our willingness to help!

Telegram: @mavissrl
Commercial register: Check it now
Address: Str. Principala Nr. 68, Juderul, Iasi, 700178, Romania


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